Friday, April 6, 2012

you + me = better art.

One of the ideas that so often circles around the artistic brain is collaboration. It's a sort of communal buzz word, I think.

In my work of late, I have been privileged enough to experience a TON of collaboration. In fact, I would say it's a cornerstone of my work. It's almost unfailingly true that my ideas are benefitted by the input of another. And yet, this collaboration is a kind of double-edged sword.

There is something in us that so desires partnership with other people in our art. But there is another side of us that feels invalidated if anyone else has something to do with our work. I think the former is the "higher road" - that's the stance I'm trying to take, anyway. I know why the latter fact springs up in me: pride. Fear that I'm not a "real" artist. Desire for complete (and bitter) autonomy. Insecurity about what I can - or cannot - create on my own.

Collaboration is certainly my higher road. It makes for "higher art"...and it makes for a better me.

My favorite days are the ones where I'm outside with my drill press, thinking about what's next in the world of bear hunt...and I hear my dad come tromping down the stairs to help me. 

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