Wednesday, March 21, 2012

new listing!

A new listing tonight - hooray!

Hopefully this will be the first of many rings to be listed! Check it out, and feel free to respond...if that means buying, great! If that means commenting, also great! If that means Just kidding!! Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

Welcome to the BearHunt blog!

Hello lovely friends!

This is just a little blog for thoughts on art, on "making", on inspiration...and, obviously, on BearHunt!

Last weekend, I was privileged enough to view the Menil collection ( in downtown Houston - wow, wow, wow! Have you ever experienced a place that makes you feel more like a soul than a body? That's a rare feeling in our world - so often I find my culture (and, more often than I'd like to admit, myself) consumed with notions of image, appearance, and the worth thereof. To walk into a place and feel the "soul" of me begin to overpower the "body" of me is a life-giving experience.

I feel inspired....but still working out how to bridge the gap between inspiration and process in my art.

I found myself particularly inspired by the surrealist and modern wings of the collection. There was one particular surrealist painting that was like a storm of color - purples, blues, pinks, blacks. What appealed to me most was the random sense of beauty. It was so easy - so effortless - so like the beauty we see in nature. And there were several modern pieces that struck me - HUGE, solid panels of color that existed so boldly, so shamelessly, so staunchly. Those translate more readily to my own process - look for rings inspired by them soon!

A few final thoughts:

What is it about museums that make us whisper?
What is it about a ringing cellphone in a theater that seems so unholy?
What is it about art that reminds us we are primarily souls?